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Red Olive News
February 1, 2010

Upper Limit Aviation Helicopter Training Day

[media id=6 width=320 height=240] After completing the new website  for Upper Limit Aviation, they invited us down for some one on one helicopter flight training. Being the adventurous bunch we are, we took them up.  Ok , just for a moment,  we thought we might die if we were handed the controls.  After a quick pep talk […]

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January 6, 2010

Red Olive at the Addys PR gig on KUTV / Vince and Brad Represent

Vince and Brad made an appearance on KUTV 2 News this morning with Casey.  A PR gig to help promote the upcoming Utah Addys Awards,  we had a little fun with the other creative agencies in Salt Lake.  This years project was creating ad campaigns to control the negative press surrounding  Tiger Woods, Balloon Boys Dad, and John Gosslin.  Brad […]

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New web designer in the house, Josh Luther

Josh put his dues in as a web design contractor in 2009 and passed with flying colors, as of  today Josh signed on as a fellow Olive.  Glad to have you on our team and looking forward to actually getting you some of our new business cards made up. After receiving a Masters Degree in Art, […]

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January 2, 2010

Setting Up Email With Droid 2.0

We all know that iPhones are for people who just think they need one to be cool, am I right?* Does an iPhone scream “DROID!” at you everytime you get a text though? No, it doesn’t. Therefore a lot of people are making the correct change to the open source and lovable phone, the Motorolla […]

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December 31, 2009

Twitter… Tweet.

50 great ideas on how to use twitter for business – From Chris Brogan Twitter for Companies – From Me Social Media Responsibility – From Melissa Jun Rowley

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