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Ever heard of Blendtec? They’re the people behind the YouTube sensation “Will It Blend?” videos. The manufacturers of some of the best blenders in the world, Blendtec knew they had a great product, but people weren’t really aware of it. So they started producing and sharing videos that highlighted how incredible their blenders were – and it worked. Millions of people shared them, and they quickly became one of the most well-known blender companies in the world. For just $100 invested in supplies, they began a movement that increased their sales by 700%, and generated even more money from YouTube ads that accompanied their videos.

We live in a very viral world now. Marketing that is not creative and original will rarely be effective, so successful viral marketing is every company’s dream. You want your business to be noticed, and there’s no better way to get it noticed that to have countless people talking about it!

Red Olive understands what it takes to get your company out there using viral marketing. We can’t guarantee that anything your company produces will go viral, but we can give it the best possible head start, and implement strategies that encourage sharing.


If we feel we can’t move the needle on your business, we won’t take on your account.

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