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The beautiful thing about Email and Automated marketing is that it can reach anyone at any time, and it ties into EVERYTHING. You want to send a message at 2:00 A.M. on New Year’s Eve? No problem. You want to remind a client that it’s time to renew their subscription? We can do that, as well.

Not sure what message will resonate best with new clients? We’ll send A/B/N tests to learn which type of email content most effectively engages your target audience.


  • A/B/n Testing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content & Messaging


  • Design & Optimize
  • Make it Look Beautiful Everywhere
  • Reach Anybody, Anywhere


  • Customer Journeys
  • Consistent Contact
  • Abandoned Cart Emails

Email is Powerful

Email ties into every aspect of a strong marketing strategy. If used effectively, it can drive your entire campaign. Red Olive’s email gurus are the undisputed masters of the art, but just to be sure, we test, test, test, test, and test. Then we test again.

Build trust through consistent communication. Don’t be like everyone else — yelling at your contacts. Trust is built by consistently having the right message at the right time. This involves strategy and testing, not guessing and harassment. We learn what your client needs and we offer it at exactly the right time.

Do You Love Special Occasions? We do, too! We love automating them even more — so there will be no missed birthdays, anniversaries, or Festivuses (Festivi?) again! Let us automate the special messages that your clients love receiving.

We test, test, then test some more. Is your gut hunch always right? Well, ours isn’t, either. That’s why we test, test, and test again — until we get it right. Through testing, we optimize content so the right message arrives at the right time.


If we feel we can’t move the needle on your business, we won’t take on your account.

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