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A/B testing involves testing two different strategies in your marketing approach, to determine which one will yield better results. An example of this is copy testing, where two headlines may be tested with people to see whether they generally respond better to A or B.

Here at Red Olive, we understand the need to execute proper A/B testing, and can help you determine elements of your current marketing strategies that should be tested, such as user experience design, purchase funnels for ecommerce sites, and text on your site.

A/B testing aims to limit risk and maximize Click-through rate. Often, marketers will think an idea is good simply because its “creative” or “looks good”, but will neglect finding out whether it’s actually engaging and successful with the public. You can have the snazziest, most impressive website in the world, but if people don’t stay on your site or buy from your company, it’s useless.

Let Red Olive help you make the most effective marketing decisions by A/B testing.


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