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Your brand is a powerful tool. It’s your company’s personality and its reputation. That kind of power can drive sales or drive your business into the ground. Is your brand sending the right message about your business?

What we do


There’s more to building a strong brand than designing a clever logo. We’ve spent over 15 years perfecting a process that builds better brands. We start with market research. We find out about your competition. We look at what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. We determine how we can do everything better. We also study your target consumer. We determine how to reach them and create an experience that resonates with them.

Once we’ve created a powerful identity for your business, we ensure that the consumer is engaged at each potential touch point with consistent design and messaging. This guarantees a cohesive, recognizable brand experience that delivers the greatest possible impact.

  • Logo Design
  • Copy and Message Development
  • Mobile/App Design

  • User Interface Optimization
  • Motion Graphics
  • Signage

  • Packaging
  • Print Promotion
  • Social Media Marketing Materials
Your brand is a whole lot more than a name and a logo. We use every department and every available resource to make sure the side of your brand that faces the world looks and feels exactly how you would want it to.

Influencing a Brand

Consumers, not agencies, create brands. Our Utah branding team’s job is to properly influence how yours is being created. Your brand is the personification of how your business operates, what it stands for, and how it’s presented to the world. It’s a powerful force that unifies your employees, shareholders, and consumers. We influence how these groups perceive this common interest so that they’ll create a positive, lasting brand.

It takes a team

An essential part of optimizing brand impact is identifying all points of consumer/brand interaction, and covering them with consistent messaging and design. At Red Olive, our teams work in collaboration to create cohesive branding across each possible point of consumer/brand contact. One of the advantages of working with a full service agency like Red Olive is the level of consistency that you get across every area of brand development.

Inspiring Performance

In order to create an effective brand family, it’s necessary to reach beyond the aesthetic surface. Building a strong identity gives the consumer a feel for the true spirit of your organization. We want to know who you are as a company, what makes you different, and why consumers love or will love the product and/or service you have to offer. In other words, we determine the core of what drives your organization and capture it in a way that’s visible to your target audience. This gives your brand identity an honest, multi-dimensional feel that engages the consumer.

It takes a vision

Our Utah branding team works closely with client representatives to identify your company’s goals and objectives, condensing your future interests into one solid vision. This vision will form the basis of your brand. We work with startups and established industry leaders alike to create powerful brands with staying power. We specialize in giving your brand instant consumer recognition, and our team has the talent and experience to keep you in front of technology and on top of the competition.

See our work, it speaks for itself. Contact Red Olive to get a free quote today!

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