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March 27, 2008

Paradigm Solution Group’s new website designed by Red Olive officially goes live

Paradigm Solutions Group, a utah engineering and information technology recruiting firm, came to Red Olive, a utah website design firm, with multiple goals in mind. First, they needed a professional logo designed, one that really depicted who they were as a firm. The Red Olive Creative team was able to deliver several logos that Paradigm […]

March 26, 2008

Red Olive Web Designers agree to Hammer Out S & S Steel’s Site

Red Olive’s creative and web design team is embarking on the task of redesigning S & S Steel’s site to add some flair, Flash and slick navigation to make a standout performance with their potential construction buyers. S & S Steel Fabrication fabricates steel structures for a variety of projects that cover a swath of […]

March 22, 2008

Oxygen Nutrition Gets Olive to Revamp their Online Face

A big herbal resource for resellers and direct consumers alike, Oxygen Nutritional Company, found Red Olive and liked what we had to offer designwise. Like Red Olive, Oxygen is based in Salt Lake Utah. Web Design and some graphic design additions are some of the main elements in the proposed agreement. Oxygen Nutritional needs a […]

March 19, 2008

CuddleBag Gets Cozy with Red Olive

CuddleBag, a beanbag chair and pillow company, would like Red Olive to tighten their site look up a bit more. Ideally it will involve some aesthetic touches and better usability that make wandering window shoppers into full fledged buyers. CuddleBag created their niche within the home theater furniture market, finding a nice spot on the […]

March 12, 2008

The Eyes Have it: Retina Associates Chooses Olive for a New Look

Red Olive Design is happy to take on a site designing task with a big force in the Opthalmology community — Retina Associates of Utah. They found us and would like to build a new site that not only presents a clean and easy service description, but a information hub for patients, family and those […]

March 7, 2008

Olive Tackles Ski Town Restaurant’s Site Build

Ski Town Restaurants, soon to be found at, sought out Red Olive to help them both create and design a site from scratch. Ski Town came to the Olive with a novel service approach to aid hungry online vacationers find ski town restaurants across the U.S. — starting with Utah’s posh Park City and […]

March 4, 2008

KUED and Red Olive join forces again for program collateral in 2008

RedOlive has worked hard to become the print design agency of record for KUED over the last three years. We have worked on several successful projects in the past and were stoked to be asked to return for 2008 to design program collateral. This year KUED honored us with loads of television sponsorship spots. If […]

March 1, 2008

Using Includes and Active Pages

Alright there is no debate includes are the best way to code a nav right? Well, what if someone wants to indicate to the use what page they’re on?  Or as I will call it the active page. Just include a script to the top of each page comparing strings with the window location, and […]

February 27, 2008

Astro Burgers retains the Olive for a one of a kind ActionScript based Flash interactive site

Astro Burgers, a local Utah favorite, contacted RedOlive in need of a one of a kind flash  interactive original.  A great name and a great opportunity to compliment our new flash/interactive portfolio site which will be debuting the second quarter of 2008. We will be implementing some of the latest functions within the Actionscript 3 library […]

February 22, 2008

Red Olive to present “How to effectively market your business on the internet” seminar for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

Date: March 19, 2008 Time: 8:00 AM TO 9:30 AM Red Olive’s Justin Wilde will be presenting a 90 minute seminar for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce titled “How to effectively market your business on the internet”. We will be addressing the web industry, creating niche markets, common internet advertising mistakes, effective design, offering value added services […]

February 14, 2008

AS3 Event Troubleshooting

Alright to kick this off I will warn you; I’m a terrible writer. That being said let me get down to what this post is really about, the AS3 MOUSE_LEAVE event. Generally the syntax to add and use an event would be as follows: stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_LEAVE, someFunction); function(event:MouseEvent):void { trace(“Your mom goes to college”); } Because […]

February 12, 2008

Red Olive was appointed by The to design their fresh new Logo.

The turned to Red Olive, a utah branding firm located in South Jordan, to craft them a fresh new logo in preparation of the launching of their new website which will be done by Red Olive as well. The is a company that specializes in 1 item, the mini brochure/the mini menu which […]

January 23, 2008

Fun with WSH – How to write a vbs file to check a directory, count the files, and restart a service. Then email your cell.

You might wonder how a windows script host app like this could possibly be of use.  Well it has many uses like checking a mail server queue and restarting a service that may have hung.  Or a web development application that allows clients to upload files for print projects but no body ever goes out and […]

January 8, 2008

Thank you.

2007 has been an amazing year here at the olive. What a difference a year makes, besides having our best year on record we were lucky enough to pick up some some amazing new people that fit like a glove. We owe much to our clients and friends, and just want you to know we appreciate the […]

December 12, 2007

Paradigm Solutions Group jumps on board with Red Olive for the creation of their new Logo, Brochure, and Web Site

Paradigm Solutions Group is a Technical recruiting firm located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. They came to Red Olive, a full-service creative design firm located in South Jordan, with the idea of performing a complete overhaul of their identity. Red Olive started the overhaul with the logo which will act as the foundation […]