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Utah Web Development

Programming Skills


There’s more to a good site than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. That’s why we have an in-house Utah web development department filled with technologists, software engineers, and UX/UI experts. Not only will the project look the part and be highly usable, but it will also be able to do things you may not have thought possible. Things like connecting in-house or 3rd party databases, restful API integration, customer relationship managers, custom reporting, and even leveraging an iOS/Android app functionality with your server. If you have a need, we can code a solution.


Our software engineers have perfected the art of producing squeaky clean code that brings our design team’s creations to life. As one united group of development experts, they continue to expand their skill sets and keep up on the latest and greatest in the development world to make sure every project we touch implements the most advanced coding techniques and features.

Usable & Scalable

Usability design: it’s the marriage between design and functionality. Our Utah web design team collaborates seamlessly with our developers to make the complex simple. This becomes particularly important as the functionality requirements of a project become more and more complex.

We create, customize, and extend software that is written in OOP (object oriented programming) & MVC (Model View Controller). What does that mean? It means that we build everything in neatly organized reusable objects that can grow with your project. It’s not uncommon for a simple project to evolve into an enterprise grade solution, only to find that the programming methods used were not scalable and you will have to rebuild from the ground up. This is why we start with the proper foundation that can scale to nearly any size.

Who Owns the Code

The first question you should ask any firm bidding on a programming project for you; “When we finish, who owns the code?” If they respond with anything other than you, keep looking. Be wary of any firms that use proprietary “software” that can only be hosted or maintained by them. Ask yourself some highly probable questions. What happens if they go out of business? What if their servers cannot scale to high traffic volumes? What about when it’s time to redesign the project down the road and you’re considering another agency? The answer is, you’re starting from scratch. They own your project and the code not to mention now you have to find a way to get all your customer data back. Here at Red Olive, we see things differently. We transfer the rights to your project to you upon completion. You can host anywhere you like and you can allow anyone you like to work on the code in the future, because it’s open source and it’s yours.

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Some of Our Capabilities

Responsive Web Design
Windows Mobile
Android Development
iOS Development
Ecommerce (Custom or OTS)
Custom CMS
Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla
API Integration
Dashboards, CRM's, Reporting Engines
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